11/11 Time to eat some Pepero !

In Korea, there are many special days celebrated, sometimes for no special reasons at all. And Pepero Day is the exact example of such celebration. But it’s kind of cute how they make11.11 (11th day of November) special. So yes, Pepero Day is celebrated on 11.11 every year.

Pepero is a cookie stick, dipped in chocolate, manufactured by Lotte Confectionery in South Korea since 1983. Pepero Day is somewhat similar to Valentine’s Day and is held on 11th of November, since the date “11-11” resembles four sticks of Pepero. Currently Lotte has come up with various types of flavors for their Peperos.

So what do people do on Pepero Day? It’s actually akin to Valentine’s Day as couples (and also friends) exchange or give Pepero to their loved ones.

11.11 looks like a big yummy row of Pepero sticks, and it’s no coincidence that Pepero Day falls on this date! The clever peeps at Lotte created this day as a commercial haven to maximise sales of their yummy and cute snack. In particular, couples are the target market, with heart-covered Pepero boxes on sale weeks before the day in question. But unlike Valentine’s Day and White Day, everyone can join in!

Pepero is definitely one of my favourite snacks. Its Japanese cousin Pocky is better-known over here in the UK, and a suspiciously similar line has taken off in the form of the Mikado brand. You can’t beat the Korean Lotte version though (true PEPERO!) It comes in many varieties, and I personally can’t get enough of the chocco-filled variety.


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