Korean beauty standards

For Koreans, being beautiful is everything!  But their beauty standards may be different than the ones that exist in your country.

  1. Small Head or face: If you have a small face in Korea, then you should consider yourself a lucky person. And it’s clear that having a small face is a symbol of beauty since almost all the Korea stars have small faces.

Model/actress’s face is a mere 17cm, or 6.69 inches, long.

Some people have big faces. So they choose to have a plastic surgery to cut their jaw bones so that they can have a small V face.

2. Big Eyes (Double eyelids): It’s important to have big eyes with double eyelid so as to be called beautiful in Korea.

3. A slim body: It’s not very necessary to have curves but what matter is that you need to have a nice slim body!

Key Visual

4. Nice fair skin: For Koreans, especially women it is important to have a white skin. The Koreans associate fair white skin with innocence. For that reason a lot of whitening products exist on the market. BB cream is Korean woman best friend.

5. A high-bridged or pointy nose: No place for a flat wide nose…

But it should be noted that if a person does not fulfill these conditions, it does not mean they are not beautiful 🙂

© Copyright Sanaa Ouhessaine.


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