Sometimes, life passed us through hard times which can probably lead to make wrong decisions and this were the case for Cheol-Min, but when he meets Jung-Hwa, his life takes another turn .. Note: i’ll probably give four stars for this movie.

A Moment to Remember


A movie known in the world wide by his amazing story that goes directly to the heart, A senario that combine between two different persons (Cheol-su and Su-jin) where Cheol finds himself in a situation that no one would like to be in! wich can make us point the question: Is it really possible that a person could do anything in the name of “Love” even if it means loving someone that will no longer recognize the person that one day made his heart beat?

Seducing Mr. Perfect


A romantic / comic movie where you find: Seduction, awkward situations X)… but the most importent thing LOVE …i can guarantee you’re not gonna get bored while watching it ! 😀

Baby and I


Let us imagine: You are a highschool kid, love partying, hang out with friends, feel the freedom, and one day you find your self stuck with a baby and not knowing who’s the mother. In this movie, Joon-soo goes through a journey about trying to find the mother of the baby, while doing your best when it comes to taking care of him, but after that the unexpected occurs… !!

You’re My Pet

you pet

Almost everyone wants to have a dog so it can keep us company, garantee security, and gives love … But what if i tell you that Ji Eun-i had chosen to take Kang In-ho for A DOG ! An amusing movie that will, for sure, make you smile ^^


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