Festivals and Performances in Seoul

 Seoul , the capital of South Korea annually hosts a number of festivals, among them are:

 Changing of the Royal Guards Ceremony:

Every day visitors to Gyeongbokgung palace can watch a reenactment of the “Changing of the Royal Guards” ceremony, which takes place at the Gwanghwamun and Heungnyemun plazas.

The royal guards of the Joseon Dynasty (1392~1910) were in charge of protecting the gates of the capital city and the royal palace. The royal palace guards, who were known as the ‘Wanggung Sumunjang’, had the very important duty of protecting the king. They were in charge of opening and closing the palace gates, inspecting all visitors, and maintaining a close surveillance of the palace. They were divided into day and night shifts, and this ceremony used to take place whenever the shifts changed over.

The ceremony is reenacted exactly as it used to be held, with guards wearing the Joseon uniforms, carrying traditional weapons and playing instruments. The ceremony takes place every hour on the hour from 10:00am to 3:00pm.

Visitors can also try on the historic uniforms of the royal guards and take photographs in front of Gyeonghoeru, thought to be the most beautiful pavilion in Gyeongbokgung palace.

Lotus Lantern Festival 1,600 Years of History:

the Lotus Lantern Festival, celebrating the birth of Buddha, dates back to the Three Kingdoms Period (57 B.C. – A.D. 676). During the Goryeo Dynasty (918 – 1392), when Buddhism was the state religion, colorful lanterns were strung and festivities were held across the country from palaces to small villages.

During this festival, there will be performances of Korean traditional percussion instruments and the Foreigners’ Traditional Dance Show offer much to see. Visitors can also take part in making lotus lanterns, experience of traditional straw utensils, and a variety of other Buddhist-related activities. Additional activities include Continue reading